Why is your website always sold out?


Sorry we know this is frustrating and wish we could make more but there is a limit to how much work can be produced in 6-8 weeks. As many people know ceramics is a time consuming enterprise, each piece spends hours in our hands as it moves through the various states. The work needs to dry evenly and slowly sometimes over weeks so it doesn't crack and warp. After drying the everything is fired in a bisque firing, the pieces are then glazed before the final glaze firing to 1200C. This whole process takes about 2 weeks as not all the work fits into the one kiln. Firings take around 3 days to go through their cycle and we are like kids at Christmas with every glaze firing reveal!


Not everything we make survives, large hand built ceramics have a high rate of casualties. Whenever we get too comfortable and think we have mastered a clay or technique we open the kiln door and find ourselves humbled by an unexpected surprise!

This all means the pieces that make it to our release are limited. Essentially what has been happening lately is that once the email goes out advising there is new work available people jump on and buy quickly, so if you open the email later or the next day everything is sold out its a bit confusing and frustrating.. We now send out an additional email a few days before with day and time of release.


If you would like to be notified when we update the website subscribe to our mailing list. 


Can I order something?


This has been an area of much consternation for us, we’d love to know exactly what to make so everyone’s happy but we have learnt a few things about taking orders over the past few years and this is what we have found..


Orders are often the pieces that crack so we have to make 2 in case one fails.

We might not be able to get that clay or the clay has been reformulated and is no longer workable. We might not make that glaze or can’t get the same ingredients.

Once something is fired, its fired. We can’t make it bluer or whiter or smaller etc Glazes can vary a lot, thickness, where they are placed in the kiln, how old the glaze are just some of the things all contribute the wonderful variation that makes ceramics so addictive and unique. These variations can also make it challenging to reproduce a piece that we have made in the past.


Not taking orders allows us to focus on evolving new works and being excited about creating new shapes, textures and concepts to show you.


These are the things that make ceramics challenging but paradoxically they are also the things that make it so exciting and addictive! Each piece that makes its way into your lives is unique and will last forever, broken pieces can even be mended with Kintsugi (the Japanese art of repair) so they can live on and tell another story.


How can I make a purchase?


Once you’re subscribed you’ll received an email a few days before the release with the day and time (we put the website into maintenance mode when we're updating). You’ll receive another email once the website is live with a link. Some people set an alarm so that they don’t forget and sit on the website refreshing. If you jump on straight away you should be able to purchase, nothing is pre sold. The fastest way to checkout is with Apple Pay, you can checkout multiple times and we can refund your combined shipping costs later. Having items in your cart does not protect them, if anyone else checkouts with your pieces before you do then they will disappear when you go to checkout.


Thank you for supporting us to do what we love. Hopefully these FAQ help explain why you can’t purchase our work on demand and give you an bit of an insight into the processes of our ceramics practice.

We understand this way of purchasing isn’t for everyone and apologies to anyone who is frustrated by the difficulties in purchasing after a new release. The good news is we will have more available in the next release so please stay tuned for the next update, we are trying to make more!


Do you ship overseas?


Yes, we regularly ship our work to the US, UK, NZ, Canada, Singapore, EU and other countries. See shipping page for more on rates, times etc


Is your packaging compostable?


Yes, the pieces are wrapped in Geami expandable paper wrap and cushioned with compostable void fill. We try to avoid the use of plastic whenever possible.


When is your next market?


We don’t have any markets planned for 2022


Is there anywhere else I can buy your work?


We don’t wholesale. Occasionally we exhibit work at Curve a local gallery here in Newcastle.


I'm local can I pick up my purchases?


You can purchase online and use the code PICKUP in the cart to remove shipping charges. We can then arrange a pick up time via email.


Do you wholesale?


Currently we are unable to wholesale our ceramics. Please join our mailing list if you would like to be notified when this changes.


Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard, all through PayPal and 

Stripe. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to purchase from this store. Although, if you already have a PayPal account you may use it.

We recommend checking out with Apple Pay, this is the fastest method of checking out if you are on an Apple ipad or iphone.


Prices: The prices you see on our website are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Delivery charges are additional to the prices listed.


Delivery: We work with Aramex couriers, Australia Post and Couriers Please to ship your order. Your package must be signed for at the time of delivery. Once your order has been shipped, you cannot change your shipping address or cancel the order. The courier is not able to ring you prior to delivery. If you're unsure if you'll be at home, we recommend shipping your order to your work address.

How long does delivery take:  Please allow 2 weeks for your order to arrive, you will receive an email once your piece has shipped with tracking details. Please email us through our contact page if you require delivery sooner so we can prioritise your delivery.

Handmade goods: Our ceramics are handmade and therefore colours, patterns and size may vary from piece to piece adding to their uniqueness.

Damaged goods: Please contact us as soon as you notice a fault with any item after arrival.


Returns: We do consider all sales final. If you find there is a problem with your order please contact us by email so that we can find a solution. We want you to be happy with your purchase!


Glazes and Food Safety: Since each piece is formed and glazed by hand you may find slight imperfections. These are intentional and are part of the character of the individual piece. All of our pieces are glazed with lead free, food-safe glazes.


Recommended Care for domestic ware: All of our ceramics are dishwasher safe, The bottoms of each piece are not glazed.